"Ink, like holy water, exorcises demons."
— SIX WORDS (7/21/14)
الصبر حبي


Swallow your anger my love
The taste of patience
Is sweeter
And longer lasting

"When people say "heart break" they don’t just mean to say that their feelings go hurt; they mean that inside of them, something breaks, quite literally. There’s a true, deep, heart numbing physical pain, like a pulse through your body. It’s like the way adrenaline feels when it shoots through your veins, only this doesn’t give you extra human strength or energy, it defeats you and turns you into nothing. It’s not only a physical pain, but an emotional, mental, spiritual pain that strips you of every protective barrier you’d ever built around yourself; it leaves you naked and raw and every little thing hurts, even the small things. And you don’t want anyone to see how truly weak you are; especially the person who made you that way. There is no way to truly fix a broken heart, unless it’s the unfortunate case where the one who broke you is the only one who can fix you. Those who have been broken; we just collect the pieces that we do still have, the pieces that the other person doesn’t still have, and we move on and we make sure that we never trust, never hope, never love so easily again. Because pain changes people, and all we can do is let it. When someone says they’ve had their heart broken, never take that for granted. And yeah maybe we do feel weak because of this ungodly pain, but those brave enough can find strength in pain itself."

— Natalie D. Doroshuk

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"Sometimes, someone says something really small, and it just fits right into this empty place in your heart."

My So-Called Life

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it’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.

Anonymous asked: "Are you Arab or Desi?"


Anonymous asked: "To your previous anon: I'd recommend watching OCCUPATION 101, it's a documentary that can help give you a better picture of the history and context of the Palestine-Israel conflict. The entire thing is on youtube."
Anonymous asked: "can you please explain to me the whole palestine vs israel thing? how did it start? where and why did it begin? why is the media making israel seem like the victim by saying gaza and hamas were attacking it continuously whereas in tumblr I see that it's the exact opposite? I searched in google but nothing and no one seem to explain it clearly. sorry for my lack of knowledge; i'm trying to sew the pieces together"

This is a very very long topic and I can’t even say I am knowledgeable enough to provide for you an in depth account, but here’s my attempt at a summary; After persecution in Europe (especially the holocaust) many Jews fled those lands and immigrated to Palestine. In 1947, the UN offered a partition plan which led to the first war between the Palestinians and the new state ‘israel’. After this war, israel had control over most of Palestine. And over time and further conflict all that remains of Palestine is the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. israel is illegally occupying those and has built illegal settlements within those two areas, more being built every day. In the long term, the settlers create what are sometimes called “facts on the ground”: israeli communities that blur the borders and expand land that israel could claim for itself in any eventual peace deal. Most of the mainstream media is corrupt, which is why it seems like israel is the victim. That most definitely is NOT the case and if you search through any legitimate media outlet you will realise this.

As for what is happening right now this might be useful;

I know this could’ve been a LOT more informative and if anyone wishes to add anything, please feel free to. Unless you are an israeli, or an israeli supporter then you can just go ahead and shove a live grenade up your ass.


Ya Allah, allow me to be consistent in my worship and in my devotion to You, especially when it is most difficult.